Why Chris is running:

Lansing needs common sense leadership — someone who will objectively look at the data to make informed decisions and move the State forward. The state is desperate for engineered solutions, not just political agendas and rhetoric. Engineers are known problem solvers; Chris wants to be the legislature's engineer and help solve the state's pressing needs.

Why vote for Chris?

I am the common man with practical life experience from successes like engineering patents to having lost my job with General Motors in the downturn of 2009 after 20 years of service. I have firsthand understanding of the struggles we and our families face in hard times. I know how to compromise and work within budgets and do without in order to make ends meet.  

 I am used to hearing: “Chris you are not a politician, and you have no political experience.” My response has been: I have spent a career forging relationships, negotiating, and making decisions based on data to design and manufacture some of the finest vehicles for General Motors and Chrysler. Furthermore, I have a very real concept of multi-billion dollar budgets and how to work within them to get results. I want to take these experiences and transfer them to government service in order to drive the highest value and efficiencies possible for the tax dollars we pay.

The devil is in the details, and we need to understand what is clearly going on with our tax dollars. I am not intimidated by large organizations and can quickly understand what needs to be done. You do not have to be a politician to work in Lansing, but you do have to be able to connect with your constituents and have a real understanding how best to serve them.

Where's the data?

  • Career of solving problems, including having been awarded a patent for solving a complex engineering problem
  • 30 years experience working as a professional for the automotive industry focusing largely on quality and processes
  • Working experience of budget planning, design, and assuming responsibility for engine programs
  • Volunteer fireman who makes himself available at an instant to protect and serve his community