Dear Lapeer County,

Every day, you wake up and expect that the world will be as you left it. You’ll drink the coffee, grab the breakfast, hop in the truck, and watch the sun rise for another morning. You work all day, you come home, you unwind. Every two weeks, that paycheck arrives, and you realize the burden of hard work is the blessing of stability.

Dear Lapeer, there is no doubt that you are hard working. You are some of the hardest working group of people there is. You don’t ask for awards. You don’t ask for presidential recognition. You simply ask for the fruits of your labor that you humbly earn.

You trust that someone somewhere is doing their job to make sure that those mornings go like you hope they go. You trust that the engineers and men on the line have put your car together so it runs for as long as you do. You trust that the farmer who grew the apple you grab on your way out, grew it like he would eat it himself. You trust that the teachers you send your children to will take care of them like they’re her own. And you trust that the person you choose to be your voice in Lansing will fight for your every day, your every need, and your every right.

Dear Lapeer, when the world outside our county feels like it’s spinning out of control, you are a beacon of hope. Every Sunday, you put your work to rest to get up and give it all back to God. You join your community in prayer and across the county, our houses of worship hum with praise, petition, and hope.

You hope for another week to earn another paycheck. You hope the best for your children and your family. You hope for a future where good prevails and good things happen to good people. And you hope, should something threaten any of those things, someone will stand up and be your advocate, your voice, and your champion.

Dear Lapeer, you are intelligent people. You know when talk is cheap and that a friend to everyone is a friend to no one. And you know when things just aren’t making sense.

Things aren’t making sense in Lansing.

If money could talk, the stories it would tell. The State of Michigan has $53,588,956,200 (trillion) worth of stories. The people of Lapeer county have $54,000. Yet, the State has asked for $1,200,000,000 to fix the roads — our roads, the ones that take us to work, our children to school, and our families to church. As our wheels grind over those inches and miles of pavement, we realize that the crumbling road we walk on is the failure of our government to protect our every day.

Dear Lapeer, enough is enough. And the State of Michigan has enough as the largest employer in Michigan and the fourth largest “company” in the state. What is it doing with our resources, our paychecks, and our children’s future?

Please send me to find out.

I am not a politician; this is something I will be the first to admit. Rather, I am a Lapeer county resident who has seen those mornings just like you. I am an engineer who has worked in both General Motors and Chrysler and seen how the mighty fall because of bureaucracy and politics. And I’ve seen how the humble rise by doing their job, doing it well, and not being afraid to dig for the truth through a mountain of details.

Having worked in two of the state's largest organizations means that I know how to work within large budgets to affect change and take action. A 53 billion dollar state budget doesn't phase me having seen a 150 billion dollar budget at General Motors. I have experience navigating bureaucracy to achieve progress, and I am not afraid to ask questions to get to the truth of the matter. The devil is in the details, and I'm all about the details.

Dear Lapeer, I am your engineer. When all you have is a pile of odds and ends and broken pieces, an engineer takes a look and gets creative. And we make it work. And what works ends up being the most incredible solution (just take a look at your car in the driveway or the lightbulb above your head).

Please, send me to Lansing to engineer solutions for you. I’ll get the data; I’ll ask the questions and run the numbers; I’ll take a step back and say “does this make sense for Lapeer county? Does this make sense for our state?” And with you, telling me how things are at home, keeping me informed of the way you see things, and lending me your voice so I have the words to stand up and speak out, we can bring Lapeer county back. We can make Lapeer county the state leader that it is. And the residents of Lapeer county will be the example our state and country need.


Chris Tuski

Chris Tuski is a pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, common sense Republican candidate for State Representative. Share your story with him at or give him a call at (810) 922-3586.