Quick Facts

  • Happily married to wife Jeanne Tuski for 25 years; four children
  • Family of the Year for Knights of Columbus Council 1987
  • Hadley Township resident, farm owner
  • Firefighter for Hadley Township for 24 years
  • Active parishioner at Immaculate Conception Church in Lapeer for 25 years
  • 15 years as a coach for Hadley Youth Baseball League
  • Lifelong Republican
  • 100% Pro Life
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Common Sense candidate
  • Not your typical politician: 30 years of experience working for two of the Big Three automotive companies and suppliers
  • Experience delivering quality & results, despite bureaucracy
  • Data-driven and always willing to listen

Chris and his wife, Jeanne

Tenacity. Action. Integrity.

Chris Tuski doesn't sit still for long. That's one of the first things you'll notice. The second thing you'll notice is that Chris sincerely cares about finding answers, listening to others' perspectives, and doing the right thing.

Chris has been a Hadley Township resident for 25 years,

but that's not where it all began. Chris has been coming to Lapeer county since he was young, spending summers living with his aunt and uncle and working on the surrounding farms. You could say that Hadley has held his heart for a very long time.

In 1989, Chris brought the love of his life, Jeanne Tuski, to Hadley, and they began putting down roots. Four children later, Lapeer has become home, heart, and soul of the Tuski family. 

The Original Tuski Team

Chris' involvement in Lapeer county goes beyond his 60-acre farm.

He's actively involved in Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, humbly serving on the Knights of Columbus and participating in various community service projects. He's also a volunteer firefighter on the Hadley Fire Department and has had a past assignment as assistant fire chief.

Chris driving the antique fire truck in Hadley's annual Fourth of July parade.

Neighbors and friends know that Chris is always just a call away.

Need to borrow the lawnmower? Not a problem. Wood-splitter? Of course. Need help fixing the roof? Be right there. Without hesitation, Chris lends a hand, listens, and takes action.

And that's what he wants to do for you in Lansing.

Professionally, Chris has worked as an engineer for General Motors and Chrysler. He knows how to operate in large, bureaucratic organizations and how to maintain dignity and integrity doing it. With tenacity, persistence, patience, and a strong head for common sense, Chris doesn't back down from doing the right thing and doing it right away. 

What Chris Hopes to Accomplish as Legislator:

  1. To consistently understand the needs of the Lapeer county residents and represent those needs in Lansing.  
  2. To delve into the details of the budget and understand where tax dollars are being spent and work to make sure tax dollars are being spent in the most effective manner. Tax payers should know where their tax dollars are being spent, and they should feel they are getting something of quality for their money.
  3. To develop innovative solutions for state government so that it works within its budget, instead of automatically raising taxes to pay for increasing expenses.